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It is widely recognized that PDF, an acronym for Portable Document Format, is a file format utilized for presenting documents independently of hardware, application software, or operating systems. Sharing PDFs has become a popular and effective strategy in online marketing. Generating DoFollow Backlinks becomes a seamless and straightforward process using PDF-sharing platforms. Suppose you possess a PDF document you want to distribute across websites. In that case, this platform offers a convenient solution for accomplishing that goal while constructing high-caliber backlinks to your website. 

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PDF sharing SEO services packages

OWNCAMPAIGNSEO offers cost-effective and reasonably priced packages for backlinks from PDF-sharing websites, available in four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These packages range in price from $15 to $160, providing you with 10 to 70 PDF submissions. When you choose OWNCAMPAIGNSEO, you can expect to receive backlinks from high domain authority (DA) and trust flow (TF) sites. Our team performs 100% manual work to ensure the highest quality, and all the URLs we provide are guaranteed to be live.



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Effectual and beneficial way to get traffic

PDF document-sharing platforms are highly effective and advantageous for attracting website traffic and visitors. Additionally, you can incorporate hyperlinks within your documents to serve this purpose. Keeping up with today’s advancements, it’s delightful to discover how modern SEO has evolved, simplifying business engagement and interactivity across various activities. SEO techniques and methods have introduced diversity and adaptability into our world, offering convenient resources to establish a strong online presence. Among these resources, PDF-sharing services serve as an additional avenue to drive traffic to your website, and OWNCAMPAIGNSEO is here to assist you in achieving that goal at affordable prices.

Why is PDF Submission Popular?


Suppose you seek to enhance your online business’s visibility, improve your rankings, or attract specific visitors to your website. In that case, the OWNCAMPAIGNSEO PDF submission service is an invaluable resource. It offers a unique approach to building links by ensuring your brand receives exposure on high-ranking platforms attracting millions of visitors. Our talented Content Writing Experts will craft a standard PDF containing 1000 words of exceptional content written by industry experts, complemented by relevant images and diagrams whenever appropriate.

We welcome your input and creative ideas for content development. Alternatively, our skilled writers can conduct thorough research within your niche and select evergreen topics that will consistently resonate with your target audience. 

How to Submit PDF for SEO

To optimize your PDF for search engine optimization (SEO), follow these three steps:

  1. Compose your article in a Microsoft Word document, incorporating a relevant keyword throughout the text. Ensure that your keyword appears in the heading tag and the title and body of the article. Additionally, consider including hyperlinks for your keywords to enhance their visibility.
  2. Transform your document file into a PDF format.
  3. Upload your PDF files to PDF-sharing sites. 

Why is PDF Submission Important?

PDF submission plays a vital role in the realm of SEO marketing. It has emerged as a highly effective and rewarding method to enhance the visibility of your website. With technological advancements, search engine bots have become proficient in analyzing the content within PDF files, thereby transforming PDF promotion into a potent and valuable SEO tool.

By converting your article into a PDF format and personally submitting it to renowned and reliable PDF-sharing platforms, you can significantly elevate the prominence and credibility of your website. The significance of PDF submission lies in its ability to deliver optimal outcomes characterized by utmost professionalism. Allow me to elaborate on the advantages that underscore the importance of PDF submission. 

Traffic from File-Sharing Websites

Countless individuals flock to these platforms in search of information, thereby making your website’s content invaluable and drawing a significant influx of visitors. Consequently, online file sharing facilitates the generation of substantial direct traffic to your site.

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PDF sharing refers to distributing your PDF documents across various online platforms to increase visibility and improve search engine optimization (SEO). It benefits your SEO strategy by creating backlinks, driving traffic, and enhancing your website’s authority and rankings.

We leverage a wide range of popular PDF sharing platforms, including SlideShare, Scribd, Issuu, and many more. Our diverse platform selection ensures maximum exposure for your PDFs and broader reach for your target audience.

Absolutely! PDF sharing plays a vital role in improving your website’s organic rankings. By optimizing your PDFs with relevant keywords, links, and metadata, we help search engines understand the context of your content, resulting in higher rankings for targeted keywords.

When we share your PDFs on authoritative platforms, they act as a gateway to your website. Interested users who view or download your PDFs are likely to visit your website to learn more, thus driving targeted traffic and potential conversions.

Yes, our experienced team ensures that every PDF we create for your business is optimized for search engines. We conduct thorough keyword research, optimize content, and include relevant links and metadata to maximize the SEO value of your PDFs.

Absolutely! PDF sharing not only boosts your SEO efforts but also helps in branding and lead generation. By showcasing your expertise through informative and visually appealing PDFs, you can establish your brand as a thought leader and attract potential customers.

Yes, we carefully select popular and reputable PDF sharing platforms to ensure your content reaches a wider audience and maintains a high level of credibility. Our platform choices are based on their domain authority, user engagement, and relevance to your target audience.

We provide comprehensive analytics and reporting to measure the success of our PDF sharing SEO services. Our reports include data on website traffic, PDF views and downloads, backlinks generated, keyword rankings, and other relevant metrics, giving you a clear picture of the positive impact on your SEO strategy.

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