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Commenting on blogs is a dynamic way to exchange thoughts, opinions, and emotions.

It serves as a collaborative platform, enhancing your blog’s appeal and driving traffic by obtaining valuable backlinks to your website. When it comes to optimizing your blog comments for search engine optimization (SEO), attracting a significant number of visitors to your website is crucial. If you’re experiencing a lack of visitors, it’s possible that your website isn’t receiving the attention it deserves from search engines. Backlinks from blog comments play a vital role in garnering the attention and traffic your website deserves. Notably, when individuals leave comments on your blog, they often include a backlink, highlighting the significance of backlinking as a prime method to attract traffic. Furthermore, this approach can assist in cultivating strong relationships with your website’s users. Although it is a gradual process, once accomplished, you’ll be amazed by how effectively you can engage with site administrators, bloggers, and other stakeholders. 

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Owncampaignseooffers reliable site development services with experienced commenters from around the world, ensuring real conversations and global reach. Avoid automation tools and benefit from high-quality, spread-out comments for improved rankings. 

Offers reasonable and affordable packages to buy blog commenting service in the USA.

Basic Packages

Our entry-level packages are categorized as small, medium, large, and extra-large. The prices for these packages are $20, $40, $60, and $140 respectively. They provide the opportunity to include 21 to 135 blog comment links, and you can add 1 to an unlimited number of URLs and keywords. Rest assured, these packages come with guaranteed high Trust Flow (TF), Citation Flow (CF), Domain Authority (DA), and Page Authority (PA). We prioritize manual DoFollow backlinks and ensure low outbound links (OBL). Our company takes pride in offering these affordable services, allowing users to maximize the benefits of our blog commenting services.



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One Time Fee



One Time Fee



One Time Fee

Bulk Packages

Introducing our exclusive selection of Bulk Packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, priced at $40, $70, $100, and $160 respectively. These comprehensive packages offer a range of benefits, including 100 to 500 blog comment links, unlimited URLs, and keywords. Notably, all backlinks provided are manually crafted to ensure optimal quality and are classified as DoFollow. Moreover, these packages boast an impressive Average PA (Page Authority), CF (Citation Flow), and TF (Trust Flow) score of 10+.



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One Time Fee



One Time Fee



One Time Fee

Daily Packages



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15 days



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Services We Are Offering

Blog Commenting Services

Blog commenting services, as their name suggests, involve the practice of generating links on a website by engaging in discussions and providing feedback on various blogs. This approach to traffic building is more proactive and holds significant value and influence. The success of many blogs can be attributed to their interactive nature, allowing individuals to express their opinions and receive feedback. Consequently, blogs are considered a vital component of the social web.

If you operate within the SEO industry and possess knowledge of search engine optimization, you understand the impracticality and stagnancy of excluding blog commenting services from your strategy. The more meaningful comments you contribute, the greater the influx of traffic and the rise in popularity, resulting in a higher position in search engine rankings. People leave comments and offer feedback to garner attention for their own blogs and content. This process of exchanging comments and gaining recognition has proven to be an effective method for acquiring numerous permanent backlinks for respective blogs.

Blogs come in various forms, ranging from personal to corporate platforms. Manual commenting services prove to be particularly advantageous as they foster connections among bloggers, ultimately amplifying the popularity of the blog. Crafting captivating and engaging blog posts constitutes the essence of this process. Always aim to captivate your readers with topics that pique their interest, enticing them to participate in the discussion and leave their own comments. 

Benefits of Blog Commenting Services

Generating Income

Furthermore, online marketing offers a lucrative opportunity to monetize your blog. By incorporating advertisements into your blog, you can earn money based on the number of visitors and clicks you receive. Therefore, through blog posting, individuals can not only share their thoughts but also generate income.

Express Your Perspectives

As an individual blogger, you have the freedom to express your unique perspectives through blog posts. There are no limitations on the topics or length of your writing, allowing you to easily publish content from any location and discuss a wide range of subjects without encountering any obstacles.

Reader Feedback

Blogs typically provide a platform for readers to express their thoughts and provide feedback. This interactive feature allows you to gather valuable insights from your audience, enabling you to better understand their preferences and tailor your content accordingly. By receiving relevant feedback, you can optimize your website to attract higher traffic and achieve the best possible results.

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Our Blog Comments Service aims to enhance your website’s visibility and engagement by providing relevant and meaningful comments on your blog posts.

Our service helps improve your website’s search engine rankings by generating high-quality backlinks through strategically placed comments on influential blogs within your niche.

Unlike automated comment spamming, we believe in organic engagement. Our team of experienced content writers crafts thoughtful comments that contribute to meaningful discussions, driving genuine traffic to your website.

Absolutely! We have a rigorous screening process to ensure that our team members have a deep understanding of your industry. This enables them to leave insightful comments that add value to the blog post and attract potential visitors.

We have established relationships with a vast network of high-authority blogs and influential bloggers. We carefully select relevant blogs within your niche to maximize the impact of our comments.

We offer both options. If you prefer to establish your personal brand, we can post comments under your name. Alternatively, we can also use a generic company name or username, depending on your preference.

Not when you choose our service. We strictly adhere to ethical practices and guidelines set by search engines, ensuring that our comments are genuine, non-spammy, and contribute to valuable discussions.

We provide regular reports that outline the comments we have made, the blogs they were posted on, and the engagement they have generated. You can track the increase in traffic, backlinks, and overall visibility of your website through our service.

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